I use ZCM to patch our SLES/Open Enterprise Servers.
We use the subscriptions mirror, so not patch management.

We mirror virtually all the SLES and OES2/11 repo's, create YUM from them and use these for patching.

This works well, however, once in a while an RPM get's corrupted in the repo for some reason.

I wrote this little script to find them. When I find a corrupt one I download the RPM from the update site manually and overwrite the file, this is working fine.
The script:
cd /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/content/;find . -name *.zc -exec rpm -K {} \; -exec rpm -qp {} \; 2>&1 |tee ~/rpms.txt;clear;cat ~/rpms.txt |grep "rsa sha1 MD5 PGP MD5 NOT OK";cat ~/rpms.txt |grep "headerRead failed"

However, today I found an issue with OES.
It seems one of the RPM's on the OES11sp2 repo is corrupt... (just the NDSbase rpm...)
But the OES RPM's in the repositories seem to be different than the SLES ones.

My script seems to only work for SLES RPM's.
I cannot find any RPM for the OES repo's

So, my questions are:
1) Any idea why Novell treats the OES RPM's differently that SLES RPM's
2) How can I locate them on the filesystem and
3) How do I fix a corrupt OES RPM in ZCM's repo?

Running SLES 11.2.4 on SLES11sp3