I have a query / permissions issue that I don't understand. On one of our sites, when you look at the permissions for any directory on the Novell Server it shows an extra permission that i've not seen on any of our other sites, please see the picture.

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It's the one called -Vol1: that I don't understand i'm logged in as the admin for the tree and when I try to change any of the permissions for this -Vol1: thing it comes back and says I don't have the permissions to make any changes. We have filr as well and it will not work on this site, and seems to also complain about errors with this -Vol1: as if it's a user not Volume 1 itself, and I don't understand what it is, how I get rid off it, or if it should be there! Every directory on the server has this with permissions and admin cannot change their permissions.

Anyone got any ideas?