Hi there, we are testing ZCM 11 sp3 for our windows 7 devices. We would like to start deploying
the new devices with zenworks 11, we are using zenworks 7 for old xp machines, but it seems that
zcm 11 is pretty stable and a have a lot of interesting features. We have zenworks 11 from 11.0
but we are not using it.

We are making a lot of tests related to install / uninstall msis with the common applications like
adobe reader, flash, java, .net, etc. But I dont know if I dont handle the concept, or I am
doing something wrong: I have a bundle called adobe reader XI with the MSI of the adobe
reader downloaded from adobe. In the actions tab, on install MSI, uninstall parameters show:

/x "AdbeRdr11000_es_ES.msi" /qn

And, I have set up dynamic user for install if the user is not logged
in. Also I have enabled in uninstall tab, "Undo install actions" and in options,
I have checked "Enable uninstall".

So, I assign this bundle to a device and it install fine and quickly. The Adobe
icon shows in the desktop and the app runs fine. But, If I would like to uninstall
this app, I understand that if I unassign the bundle to the device must uninstall msi, isnt it?
If I do this, nothing happens. The bundle dissapear from the Zenworks application window,
but the msi remains in the workstation (its not uninstalled)

Am I understanding something wrong? I saw a lot of messages in the forum related to uninstall
msi, I dont know if I am doing something wrong. If someone could tell me more about this
I will appreciate it!

Thank you everybody.