We just completed (incompletely) upgrading our Data Synchronizer from to GMS 2.0.1. Everything appeared to go fine for the most part, except the monitoring. The server has been tested, and data is flowing properly, but we cannot get any stats off from the Dashboard.

During the update, there is the following:

shutting down GroupWise Mobility Service... done
Updating prostgres settings... done
Restarting postgres.....failed
<the rest of the upgrade goes fine until...>
Updating Monitoring
Failed upgrade monitoring: Failure in: su root -c "rcpostgresql restart"

A reboot of the server has postgreSQL working fine. However, we can't get our monitoring working until we can let the system restart it. For what it is worth, this was a problem when we were running Data Synchronizer also.

The server originally started as a SLES10, and has been upgraded incrementally to SLES11 sp2.

Any help is appreciated. I am still a Linux newb, so I may need some help in that area also (command-wise). Thanks in advance!