Hi Forum,

one user generates thousands of entries in his gwcheck log from our weekend checks
Error 83- Item failed to archive
    - Subject:   $subject
    - From:   $sender
    - Date:   Aug 22, 2011 - 3:22 pm
    - First archive attempt date:   Feb 20, 2014
    - Number of archive attempts:   19
    - Error number on last Archive attempt:   0xC050
I guess the first try was at a time where the archive was not accessible... Now every gwcheck at weekends tries to archive them but has no access to his network drive where the archive resides.
Archiving a single mail works at the moment!
IMHO there was a way to trigger the archive of these messages from the client?!
If this is not the case I let him search for mails older then his settings an try to archive from the search window.
Hopefully in the next gwcheck all Error 83 messages are gone :)

Thanks in advance!