HI All,

OES11sp1/S:ES11sp2 , pathed up to the teeth via SMT...run the yast wagon ... and all goes great, until were you need to accept for the upgrade .. then it comes up with this ..

-- novell-nrm-2.0.3-0.109.5.i586 requires apache2-mod_php53, but this requirement cannot be provided--

The the normal de-install this or that or break nrm ..?

1 - deinstallation of apache2-mod_php5-5.2.14- | ?]
+Se|deinstallation of php5-suhosin-5.2.14-

2 - break novell-nrm-2.0.3-0.109.5.i586 by ignoring some of its dependencies|

3 - keep obsolete novell-nrm-2.0.2-297.305.304.1.i586

4 - deinstallation of novell-nrm-2.0.2-297.305.304.1.i586

What shall an Admin do with a conflict?