GŁnter Knauf has kindly built Apache 2.2.27 with mod_ssl linked against
OpenSSL 0.9.8y. I am currently hosting GŁnter's builds on my ftp server:


You will also find his latest MySQL 5.0.96 there.

From the Apache 2.2.27 readme (note the part about updating any third party
modules -this includes mod_php5.nlm):

ATTENTION: this archive extracts to \APACHE22 !!

Due upgrading APR to 1.5.x Apache 2.2.27 and later versions require
that all external modules are rebuild with at least the Apache 2.2.27
and APR 1.5.x version. The mod_jk and mod_edir binaries have been updated
for Apache 2.2.15 - if needed please download these from their project sites:
This archive contains also a Perl script fixapr.pl in the \APACHE22\BIN
folder which you can use to fix modules build for Apache 2.2.15 / APR 1.4.x
and later for APR 1.5.x. Modules build for Apache 2.2.12 - 2.2.14 can also be
fixed if you slightly modify the Perl script ($opt_s = 'APR13@').
Modules build for Apache 2.2.11 and before can not be fixed!


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