hi there,

after upgrading datasynchronizer 1 to version 2.0.1 we ran into an issue with synchronising contacts.
we found out that switching the adressbook gives the effect of resynchronisation but not for all the data and not all contacts are synced.

One user has around 1700 contacts in his adressbook but only ~600 are synced and the sync stops in a status: 38 Pending, 1679 synced.
the other problem is that the private number is not synched anymore. But i'm not sure if this is a problem of the blackberry server.

We deleted the user and created it again, reinitialized his groupwise-account, made a gwcheck on that mailbox but nothing seems to work.

is there a special log-file for problems where i deeply can look into the sync-status if theres something wrong within?

thanks for help.