I should have had this all planned out before making a trip because now I'm stuck asking for urgent help -

I have a GW8 system running on netware - Single server setup -single domain / po / web acess. I need to add a secondary domain and po in a remote office. I attempted to migrate the primary to linux before coming out to the remote site with the intention of creating the secondary after the migration, but that migration went slightly south, so I was forced to make the trip out with the primary still on netware.

What I now hope to do is to create the secondary dom/po on a sles 11/oes 11 box with an nss partition.

What I have done so far is - On an xp computer with drives mapped to both the NW and OES servers, run console one, connected to the netware primary, and created a "new" domain that with it's unc pointing to the nss partition of the oes box

While I've set up several small GW systems in the past, this is the first time I've worked with a secondary dom or po

Now that the domain has been created, do I just run the install program on the linux server and create a new system, using the info for the new domain? or am I mixed up?

I have c-1 on the linux server, but no GW snapins installed yet.

While I plan to move to GW 2012 or 14 very soon, my urgency is to get this remote office running on it's own po asap so I can go home.

wondering if it would be possible to finish this secondary, move the remote users here from the primary, go home, create a linux secondary at home, move everyone else to that secondary, promote that secondary to primary, and just retire the netware box?

Any help would be appreciated - read Danita's book several times, but I guess I kindof need a step by step for creating the secondary on the linux box.