ZESM is not part of ZCM.
It is an add-on product not part of the ZCM Suite.

Furthermore, "Security Locations" have nothing to do with the issue you
are describing.

Your issue is that your devices "Configuration Location" is wrong not an
incorrect "Security Location".

I've never been a fan of "OffLine" locations, because it is too EZ for a
device to fall in there and never be able to automatically recover due
to a lack of a Configuration Server.

I always recommend at least 1 configuration server.

I recall working with one customer recently where they were having quite
a bit of "Location" issues.

Turns our the Networking Group made some major IP Address Changes at
some locations w/o informing the ZCM Group, this caused devices to lose
their "Content" and "Auth" servers, but luckily they still had their
configuration servers and were able to update the locations after
getting the details from the Networking Group.

If they configured "Offline" locations as I hear some folks recommend,
it would have been manual vists to 1000s of devices.

And then there are all the times of a human typo, forgetting to add a
subnet, etc.. etc...

Been an admin far too long to want my PCs to be configured to
intentionally disable fail-safe mechanisms in the event of an error.

On 5/29/2014 1:36 PM, easyridersk8 wrote:
> HI Shaun,
> AFAIK that's only available if you have ZESM licensed.. Excuse my
> ignorance...
> We have Zen full licensed.
> Not sure what you mean specifically by AFAIK, and ZESM. ? Can you
> expand....
> As part of the Zen 11 design we have created have created and configured
> 180 Network Locations and 180 Network Environments. These include
> OffLine / Unknown / Home Network settings. All is working well 95% of
> the time. Every now and again we have an issue where a Client PC on a
> particular remote site the agent is deciding to set its location to
> unknown when plugged into that network. Consequence being you cannot
> then log the machine into Zen.... If we RDP onto the machine and zac
> cc, zac ref 3-4 times the machine seems to sort itself out. This may
> also be due to the machine being built / having agent installed on an
> unknown network.
> It would be excellent if I could just create a quick batch file for the
> rollout team to use that they can run to force the client to use a
> particular network location.
> Am I missing something here as documentation suggests :-
> zac security-location view
> zac sl
> zac sl list
> zac sl set office
> And yet none of these commands are available on the client agent....
> This makes me :-( and
> Can you help ?

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