We are preparing for upgrade to 11.3 and to do that safely we are examining the primary servers (SLES 11 SP3 64-bit on VMWare) for disk space. /var/opt/novell/zenworks with all the stuff we make ourselves reside on a separate disk mounted here so here's no problem. The system disk though is filling up. /opt/novell/zenworks/install/downloads holds more than 20 GiB, most of it in two subfolders: msi and rpm. These folder contain thousands of files, many of which have the suffix .superceded. The files are quite small but the sheer number of them make them occupy almost half the system disk.
Another folder is /tmp with hundreds of files summing up to about 5GiB. Can these be wiped just like that? the name of the folder implies this...
The same goes for more folders but these seem to be the worst. Is there a maintenance routine for cleaning files like these?

/Bengt Wällstedt