I have a user who is constantly denied authentication to iPrint and I'm having difficulties figuring out why.

My system configuration is as follows: The local system is a Windows 7 SP1 Pro desktop, it has a local hosts file entry pointing it to my "new" iPrint server. There was a new printer purchased for this user's office and rather than setting it up on both the old and new server I just wanted to set her up on the new and be done with things. Anyway, when we first migrated the user to the new iPrint server everything worked correctly and the user could print without any trouble. Several weeks later the user gets the iPrint authentication dialog box every time she tries to print and entering her own credentials fails to authenticate, but a generic account seems to work. She recently had to reset her password but this issue was occurring both before and after the recent password reset, and I have verified that neither password is currently working, and that the user does have rights to the printer.

Now here is where things get more curious... In looking at the user's object, the uniqueID attribute had 2 entries, one with the user's correct name and one with the user's name but misspelled. When I first looked at the system and found this double entry I discovered that I could successfully authenticate to iPrint when using the misspelled version of her uniqueID. I later deleted this incorrect entry thinking that it would then allow the correct spelling to authenticate, but it did not. When looking at other Attributes, I'm also finding that there is a 2nd entry under SAS:Login Configuration which none of my other users have but since it is not human friendly to read I'm hesitant to delete either entry. Does anyone have advice for how to proceed? Thank you!