I have 11.2.3a installed, and I'm trying to upgrade to 11.3. We use an external oracle database. Our servers are linux (Sles 11 sp3)

When I run the setup.sh program, and get to the DB section, it tells me "Insufficient Privileges" and that I should execute the SQL statements from /var/opt/novell/zenworks/grant-privilege.sql.

Looking at that file, it wants some privileges that our DBA doesn't want to grant. For example: GRANT ALTER ANY TABLE

I assume this is to create the Audit database. Is that right? If so, can we create it in advance? We tried creating one, but I haven't been given the option to tell the installer about it.

I've tried running setup.sh -c and I've also tried setup.sh -c --zcminstall (even though it's not a fresh zcm install), but no luck. Am I missing something?