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Thread: rsync vs dbcopy for migrating to new server

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    rsync vs dbcopy for migrating to new server

    There is plenty of information about using dbcopy to achieve a server to server migration of Groupwise, and it's particular useful because initially Groupwise can be copied live.

    In my case, GW resides on NSS, so for dbcopy, I need to do a ncpmount first, then
    dbcopy -m -f [-p |-d]
    shutdown the agents for the the final:
    dbcopy -m -s [-p | -d]
    DBCOPY IS SLOOOW - Well at least according to TID 7010760: "Note: Typical dbcopy throughput is 6GB/hour."

    So in the interests of maximum speed my question is - If the agents are shutdown, and no dbcopies have taken place yet, or maybe the first one has, is it ok to just use rsync and not worry about dbcopy?

    rsync -av --delete source-po dest-po
    rsync -av --delete source-dom dest-dom
    I even thought about using (with GW shutdown) sftp as it pulls data at between 1-2GB per min, then follow up with rsync as a double check.

    I am yet to do some proper testing and time trials, but just wondering what others have found.
    Thoughts anyone?
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