Scratching my head on this one. I have scoured documentation, Google, and have seen others ask but no answers given. I have one user
whose signature contains a mailto: address, Do not see it in his signature file, nor on anyone else's signature.
The difference with this user is that he is sending email using a different from: address (per instructions provided by Danita at Caledonia--thanks Danita, it works!). I am wondering if using this method is what is adding that mailto: into his signature. He is using the malto: in order to protect his regular email. Specific types of requests are going to a nickname address; we want his replies to be from that same address, and we do not want his primary address added in via the mailto: (kinda defeats the purpose of using the alternate send email address).

Where in Groupwise do I turn this "mailto" off?

Thanks in advance!