I am wondering if someone that is using Vibe in a k-12 environment might be willing to provide some additional information on how you are using it? Was this a replacement for the Google platform? or an addition to? What grade levels did you deploy the product to? Any major gotcha's that you encountered along the way that should be noted?

Also I have been looking through the documents and I am confused on a few things. Mainly, can I create a Vibe deployment and then point the storage, similar to Filr, to other storage areas? So the Vibe would sync the end users document deployment? Or is this more of a Google+ or Facebook enterprise and I would deploy Filr to take care of personal storage? Similar tot Google Docs?

I am looking at at least deploying it for the IT department to use just to see how it might fit in our systems. We had a rundown of the Google options today and some of my more hardcore teachers wanted to know about how they could use some of Novell's current tools to do the same thing.