HI all.

Got a strange one:

ZCM server 11.2.3a, MU1 January 2014 update (new tntfs). Windows 7Sp1x64

We have 600 gigs worth of Images. Most of them are fairly small (20 gig etc on the server), but for our engineering student labs we have a few really big ones.
All images are based on the same 'base', so all the same other than faculty specific apps that get added before we sysprep.

Post January 2014 update we have no issues deploying the images, except for the one (86gig) image.

Every deployment ends with the Could not create Linux file error and then for all purposes the partition disappears.
(image complete: reboot comes up with winload.exe not found)

The 'next in line' 76 and 72 gig images deploy without hassles.

It seems that whatever the imagining engine does right at the end destroys the partition somehow. If I abort the image a few mins in I can still 'view' the data on C:\ via hirens disk, but not if I allow the image to complete.

When we roll back the update to the pre Oct 2013 status the same image that fails works.

Usually I would just say we should go back to the pre OCT status, but we need the new drivers etc for new hardware that we support.

Any ideas?