Hi All,

Does anyone have any suggestions for something that can allow users to access their Windows network drives from the Internet? Something relatively simple, like Netstorage, but that works with AD instead of eDir. I've looked into Filr, but it seems a bit overkill for what I want.

Microsoft supposedly has "Remote Web Access" in their "Server Essentials Experience" for 2012R2, but it's a bit of a bear to setup (at least for testing it has been). The documentation for it is the usual scattered MS docs, no clear, precise how-to from start to finish. And Remote Web Access seems to be mostly about VPN and RDP, and the simple file access from a web browser seems tacked-on.

I've googled around, but it's hard to find any alternatives since most of the results seem to center around MS's Remote Web Access.

I've thought about asking this question over at Spiceworks, but those folks don't tend to know Novell, so wouldn't know what NetStorage does.

Any suggestions?