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Thread: When does a system get scheduled-launch update?

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    When does a system get scheduled-launch update?

    Having a small debate with a co-worker, re. Windows 7 stations with Zenworks Agent 11.2.0 and 11.2.3.

    We have a bundle that is scheduled to deploy on, say, 4/1/14 during a 1am-5am window. The bundle is expected to run when the workstation is at the login screen, using actions running as Dynamic Administrator.

    But when will the workstation receive the schedule information? There is a user logged in during the day; will the schedule be updated by the Zenworks agent without any user action? Or does it require some action to force it to get updated information, i.e. a login, ZAC refresh, or other explicit action?

    My concern is that if a user is logged in on Thursday morning, and I make a schedule change on Thursday afternoon, will the package deploy after the user logs out on Thursday evening, or will the user have to restart the station & log in again for the agent to know about the scheduled deployment?

    Thanks for any clarification re. this process.

    -- DE
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