So, I'm late to the party...but with XP life ending I've been tasked with moving everyone to Windows 7.

We have a volume license copy of windows 7 sp1 x64. I have a freshly installed ZCM 11 SP3 OVA. I won't be "migrating" from my existing zcm10 setup, cause I don't think the bundles and such were ever done properly. I haven't decided if its worth doing the "personalites" migration to keep users favorites/wallpapers.

So, starting fresh on all fronts!

Staring at this ugly Windows System Image Manager trying to figure that out.. lol.. what happened to a nice simple sysprep.inf?

Have watched some videos and such.. does it matter (any pros/cons) to creating the image with WinPE vs Zenworks image? I'm only familiar with zenworks images using ZCM10.

Is putting the Novell Client and/or the ZCM agent in the base image a no-no?

Basically just wanna start off on the right foot here and do it properly from jump street