Hi all, I'm new here and to ZenWorks, please be gentle

While I'm aquainted with puppet and reasonably proficient with ansible, I've just taken on a number of Windows desktops. We're using ZCM to deploy software, and I'm testing to get aquainted. Things don't quite work as I expect; for example, I fought with manually launching QuickTasks to my test workstation manually for hours yesterday before I realized I needed to manually refresh the workstation after updating my bundle, I couldn't just push.

So while I'm reading throught the documentation, I thought I'd say hello and ask for some general advice. In particular, I had trouble identifying why my bundle had failed, and where to look for information about the failures. Including a script then expecting STDERR from that script to tell me about the failure seems like an impossible luxury at this point For now, I'd like to just experiment.
What is your workflow for testing new bundles?