We are using the Filr 1.0.1 single appliance to allow access to a user share on our OES 10 server with NSS volumes. It seems that nightly, the Novell FAMT service dies and needs to be restarted from the System Services area in the admin portal (https://server:9443). I noticed in the famtd.log file, we are seeing thousands of the below errors each day, and I assume they are the reason the service is shutting down:

Mar 28 12:49:38 server [XTCOM]: ERROR:GetOwner : Creator is Unknown for <path>\<file>
Mar 28 12:49:38 server [XTCOM]: ERROR:NCPOperations::GetOwner failed
Mar 28 12:49:37 server [XTCOM]: ERROR:NWDSMapIDToName failed ccode: 0xfffffda7

I noticed that the "owner" on all of our files in this share is S-1-1-0. Is there any way around having this logged? Is it as simple as adding an "S-1-1-0" user in Filr? We are using the Just-in-Time Synchronization method, as there are many dynamic files in this share.