I have read through a lot of the older posts regarding slow login processes and have tried to look at the schools computers to see if things can be improved with some of the solutions. I talked with another schools SysAdmin about it as well and he indicated that they have started to move away from using the Novell client and have the computers auto-logging into Windows and only associating bundles to the device and never to the user.

Although I feel this side steps the issue a bit, it does provide a solution. It also presents some questions that I have been told to resolve by the Supt. He would like the lower grades login's to be as quick as possible to allow the student as much trouble free time as possible with the computer. The teachers in the elementary buildings complain that the login (from boot up to the user actually doing something) is taking between 5 and 10 minutes. I had one try to convince me that she had some of her laptops that were taking 30 minutes to get to a stage that was useful. Although I couldn't find any of her laptops that did that for me I also don't want to dismiss her claim either.

Does anyone have tweaks to Windows 7 and zenworks that helped speed up the login process? Is the best course in this case to move away from user accounts on the local systems for each user and to only associate the bundles with the device and not with the user? I removed the existing GPO policy to see if it helped and since it seemed to be failing more then it was successful. But I can't really see any improvements. I also don't know if a pure novell based system where Active Directory isn't installed provides for a good GPO deployment.

I personally don't like the idea of having shared user accounts. I think it is better for the younger kids to start to learn how security and proper use of a username and password should be done. And that it is important. I push the staff to look at it as a ongoing learning opportunity that should be integrated in the students daily life. But I also understand that for most of them they get the student for 30 minutes so every minute counts to getting other work done.

Any help or advice would be welcomed. I have placed the exceptions in my Anti-Virus per the document so hopefully that helps.