I am in the process of taking over the schools computer systems and am looking to resolve several issues. The biggest is how to speed up my zenworks systems for the end users with having limited funds to do it with. The current and even older setup for this server was to have two server. One for the Sybase database and one for a primary server. During the upgrade to 11.3 from the 11.2.4 setup we discovered the server that housed the db had some major issues. Another schools SysAdmin helped me get this server updated and part of that process was to migrate the database back to an internal Sybase database and remove the second server. The servers that have been used in the past have all been older HP Proliant G5 type servers that had been retired from service and then used for zenworks. The current primary server and now db server is running with 14Gig of RAM and a single dual core CPU. The latest count for client workstations is around 755 laptop/desktops. This falls within the documents specs for this type of server and it is my understanding that this will grow a little but not more then 50 or so workstations.

My questions are:
1. With the limited funds I have is it best to continue to run with an internal DB? The Sysadmin that helped me has been running his system like this for years and he claims he hasn't had any major issues. My system seems a little slow.
2. If keeping with a single server setup is this the appropriate amount of memory for a server this size?
3. I have two different VM servers with enough storage that they might be able to Run this server but I don't know how much memory they have to give either. I would like to virtualize the server if possible since the current physical server isn't being backed up which makes me nervous. And we use Veeam as a backup software which from best I can tell doesn't have an option to backup non-virtualized systems.

Is there anything else I should look at to improve the situation? I e-mailed the Supt to see if it is possible to get a newer server but I doubt it will happen.