I had a corrupt WIndows 7 x86 print driver for a Ricoh Aficio SP430DN printer that I wanted to fix. I can log into the appliance and was able to delete the old drive but when I click on either option to upload a new drive (from file or system) I get an error: "The Arguments are Invalid"

I think this is due to a ActiveX issue from Within Win7 since I had a prompt that stated I needed to be running the Novell iPrint client before I could do what I was trying. I was running the latest version based on the Appliance. The prompt in Explorer stating it was filtering ActiveX items was presented and I turned it off. That is when I had this prompt about the arguments being invalid.

Anyone else seen this and have a fix or what I need to turn off in IE to get the driver uploaded? I haven't migrated to the latest version of iPrint Appliance so I don't know if I need to stop and do that first or not.

Thanks for the help.