I am not sure if this is the correct place, forgive if it is not.

We are just starting to install our first Zen 11 server (we are a Zen 7 environment). While I have worked with Zen since version 2 or 3, I know Zen 11 is VERY different. My work seems to think that I can just read the documentation to figure it all out. At brainshare a few years ago I took as many ZEN sessions as I could, so I know I need to relearn a lot.

Our work environment is one central office with 150 people, then 6 other branch offices with 10-40 people each. The offices have slower links. We currently have 7 Zen servers, each does file\print\Zen\Groupwise.

My basic idea was to have the main Zen server at the main office with satellites at the branch offices. The satellites will be workstations with big disk drives.

Now what may seem like a dumb question, should I setup 7 zones? One for the main office and 1 zone for each branch office?

Phil J.