Hi everyone,

We have 4 Zenworks ZCM servers, at version 11.2.1. Our Imaging server have been upgraded to 11.2.4 but only for the PXE parts. When we boot our machines with PXE, its the 11.2.4 engine that starts. We can Image our machines without any problem and can have the most updated drivers.

The problem is: the Image Safe-Data no longer working.... the update of the PXE have been made since 1 month and we just seen this error. The result of this issues is that every computer that will have the Zenworks Agent installed, when theses machines will reboot after installation, the Safe-data will not be restored in Windows, so every station will not be imported in the correct Organizationnal Units. And every station will have the same computername with a guid string because they have all the same name.

I try to find out why the safe-data is not working. When I boot a workstation in command-line of Imaging 11.2.4, when I go in "zisedit", I put a computername and I save it. When I'm coming back in zisedit, there is no computername info...

Is there a bug with 11.2.4 ?