After the earthquake Friday night, one of my Netware 6.5SP8 servers wouldn't boot up. There was an obvious drive failure so I pulled the bad drive. The server eventually came back up but without the fourth drive. It showed the array as DEAD. However the server was up and I could log into it and see files. I tried to replace the bad drive with one that I had on site and it came up but froze at the Novell logo. I downed the server and removed the new drive and the server would not boot. It said no boot device found. Finally yesterday the server came back up with the array rebuilt but now there are errors loading sys files that stop it completely. I have a server but none of the services. The error is : Volume X/Sys had an error (20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block xxxxxxx -122283 ZID1.

Any ideas on how to get the server back up?