Hello all,

Ive setup novell filr in its latest releases.
Permalinks are created with the server name, however i would like that they were generated with some other name. (ofc i will create a alias to it on dns)

For example:
My filr appliance machine name is filrserver.domain.com. The permalink is created as "http://filrserver.domain.com/ssf/a/c/p_name/ss_forum/p_action/1/binderId/244/action/view_permalink/entityType/folder/novl_url/1" but i would like it to be generated as "http://myclould.domain.com/ssf/a/c/p_name/ss_forum/p_action/1/binderId/244/action/view_permalink/entityType/folder/novl_url/1" without changing my server name. Is there any chance to implement this?

Tks in advance,