Hi, we have an OES2 Setup running DSfW with separate servers acting as PDC and ADC.
Since we will be migrating to OES11 which runs only on 64 bits machines which we newly purchased, we wish to re-use one of these current 32 bits machines with just a SLES 11 installation (no OES services since OES2 is no longer supported by Novell) running Samba to be used as a file server in the domain.

We tried to search for some online information in regards to this kind of setup, but were not able to find anything useful.

The questions are

1. Can we still use iManager to manage this SLES server's Samba shares?
2. Do we lose any features this way instead of using a DSfW server to do file sharing? Specifically things such as group policies and ACL etc.
3. Any brief advice on major issues to watch out for in this kind of setup?

And any suggestions on online reading material in regards to this kind of setup will be much appreciated.

Thanks, William