I setup a VMware virtual machine: Novell SLES 11sp3 OESsp2 64 bit with the GroupWise 2012sp2 domain, post office, GWIA, and GW Webaccess with a hand full of new usernames. I did the install.sh - GroupWise Server - install and configure. Then I opened the web link to Upgrade an Existing Domain or Post Office to GroupWise 2014 and stepped through all screens. Then I click Finish. I get the spin pop up in the web, but the spin would disappear after 30 seconds. The gwadminservice would crash (dead) and do a core file. I starts the gwadminservice again. I updated all the agents using the ./install.sh, and I can used the GW Webaccess 2014 Ok. I just cannot get to the https://server-ip-number:9710/gwadmin-console Administration Console; it kept going back to the screen where I can select Existing Domain or Post Office to GroupWise 2014. The GroupWise Domain database version and the Post Office database version show 14. What is the fix on accessing the main GW 14 Administration Console? Thank you in advance, Dean