Hi All,

I currently have 3 primary servers, all on SLES 11 SP1 x86, running 10.3.4

I'm looking to change to x64 so I can upgrade to 11.3, so I have built identical SLES servers on x64.

However, when running through the steps here:

Backing up seems to work fine, but restoring to the new server gives me this error:


Enter File Decryption Passphrase :**************

Error:Failed to restore the configuration files. Ensure that the backed-up file and the passphrase specified are valid and correct. Also, ensure that you have the write permission to /etc/opt/novell/zenworks directory on Linux and <Installation directory>:\NovellZENworks\conf on Windows.
Error in restoring the backup: com.novell.zenworks.zman.exceptions.ZManException: Unknown file in backed up files


Any ideas? running as root, so permissions shouldn't be an issue.

I'd snapshotted everything, so have rolled back for the moment, but I'd like to try again so I can be in a position to upgrade.