I seem to want to inject as much pain as possible unto myself in as short a period of time as possible, a task seemingly not unlike many other admins will be performing. I wanted to post to ask, do I have these steps about right or is there an easier way to upgrade an existing domain from GW8 on old hardware running OES2 SP3 to a new shiny with OES11 (sp2) and GW 2014.

My perceived path would be:

Update GW8 on the existing server to GW2014

Stand up new server with OES11 in pre-migration mode

transfer the identity of the OES2 server to the awaiting OES11 box

manually copy the GW directory

re-start GW2014 on new hardware!

We also have 21 different post offices, I would assume a similar path to moving them from old hardware / os to new hardware / os.

This is a fairly large project which I obviously want to get right on the first try, so any thoughts opinions on the overview of steps to perform would be fantastic; of course if there's an easier way I am all ears (well eyes).

Thanks all!