Hey guys, wave to old friends out there.

For fun I installed GW 2014 on my Windows 8 box (yes I know,
unsupported). Worked fairly well, a few random comments

1. The admin service acted a bit weird for a while, and I had to reboot
a few times before the connection was established.

2. The whole MMC and Free/Busy stuff is poorly documented. I glean it is
part of the coexistence solution and otherwise not needed. This should
be made clear. Speaking of which Ldap Config Id field still confuses me
so I assume it will confuse most

3. The install screen is so spartan which is nice but really should
offer more info.Also things like MMC, Free/Busy, Calendar publishing
(and imanager snapin if added), should go on separate "Other stuff" page.

4. The help in the admin console needs to be improved, lots of fields
missed etc.

5. WebAccess install on windows permits install on a non-IIS box (this
turned out to be convenient for me since I just hit tomcat directly, but
given the stern text probably should be allowed )

6. Possibly because of #5 - the built in tomcat http was left on.
Shoulda disabled this and left just ajp given the "requirement" of

7. The intercorrelation of ldap directories, servers, import, etc. Is a
tad confusing for neophytes. This should have been its own section with
its own wizards or info, to make it clearer

8. the http consoles for the agents really should have had their styles
look more like the admin console.

9. Some fields on the admin interface are just too spartan and short for

10. The System tab really looks even more chaotic as a series of icons.
It needs subsections (like the ldap bit). I probably missed it
somewhere, but I assume I can update the superadmin credential? That
credential is per admin install or per system?

11. The Objects tab if I understand its purpose should really show up at
end of each object. Not second as it does sometimes.

12. The "cross tab" look in the admin of left side and top side tabs, is
still confusing, and possibly more so than C1

13. Some fields show up even when they make no sense. Exmple: Password
field at the PO level. Ok, if this were DEFAULT password I understand.
But it shows up and its unchangeable which is silly.

14. As noted iManager snapin didn't ship with product.

15. Since I don't have this to test, I assume if I had a second server,
I'd install GroupWise Server Code again? How would I connect its admin
with the first server, Or did I miss that the first time?