Hi All

I'm embarking on the long upgrade path that is 10.3.4 to 11.3

I've gotten all my primaries up to 11.2.4, but some are 32 bit SLES.

So, I'm running through these instructions in the docs: https://www.novell.com/documentation.../b171nvtm.html

I've gotten my new target machine up to 11.2.4 as a primary, as per the suggestions in the documentation, but I've hit a problem. When I run setup.sh -R on my newer target machine, I get the following errors:

FAILED: Conflicting Package Installed
Novell ZENworks Satellite Server is already installed on this machine. To
continue with the Primary Server installation, you must uninstall the Satellite
Server. For more information, see the online ZENworks documentation at

FAILED: ZENworks Already Installed
A ZENworks server has already been installed on this machine. You may
reconfigure this device using the novell-zenworks-configure tool, or you may
attempt to reset this installation. To reset the install, restart the install
with the --force parameter If you choose to reset and continue with the
installation all configuration information on this server will be overwritten.
Otherwise, uninstall this ZENworks server before attempting to reinstall the

Which implies the installer is not expecting zenworks to already be installed, whereas the documentation says it should be installed in advance. I'm reluctant to use the --force command as it's not mentioned in the migration guide. Have I done something wrong here?