While running the upgrade from Data Sync 1.2.5 (299) to Mobility Service 2.0.1 using a local ISO, in the middle of the upgrade the YAST tool stops on a list of installed packages, waiting for me to click "continue". If I do that, the install proceeds, eventually getting to a configuration summary that is missing all of our current settings (i.e. - LDAP server, LDAP admin login, container for users, etc.). To proceed, we basically have to re-enter all of the configuration information as if this were a new install.

I've not seen this in previous upgrades, and wanted to know if this is normal. The upgrade appears to not pick up our existing settings, and I don't want to proceed and have to recreate all of my users, which is where this appears to be headed.

Any thoughts?

As a side note, the NNTP servers seem to be down or at least rejecting my connection attempts. Anyone else experiencing that?