Hey guys,

We recently upgraded to ZCM 11.3 from 11.2.4.

When we image our PC's we boot them from Boot CD's, we can then choose the automatic option and the imaging bundles on the server are applied to the PC's.

Since upgrading to 11.3, and now using the new bood cd's that came with it, when the PC's get to the blue imaging screen (where you would usually get the progress bar) instead they get a box pop up saying "Trying to restore MBR based image in to UEFI machine"

If I try the manual option and try to upload an image I get "Trying to make MBR based image from UEFI machine"

If I use an older boot CD I can upload and restore images fine, but I can't use the imaging bundles because it tells me I need a newer version of the software.

I have tried the normal boot CD and the bootcd_tntfs.iso (after uploading the latest tux driver)

This was all working fine before 11.3. does anyone have any idea how I can get round this (its a pain having to manually put the addon images on.)