We attempted to create a second gwia (named gwia2). We ran through the configuration process (not the install agent, since the agent already is on the Linux server in question) and created a second directory (gwia2) under our "gate" domain structure. This seems to have overwritten the gwia.cfg file as it changed the

--home /domain/wpgate/gwia line to --home /domain/wpgate/gwia2 and
--dhome /domain/wpgate/gwia line to --dhome /domain/wpgate/gwia2

We then modified the gwia.cfg file back to ........../gwia on both the above lines, but we still couldn't start the original gwia via rcgrpwise start. When we did a rcgrpwise status, it shows gwia2.gate as unused and email flow had stopped. We then deleted the gwia2 from Console One but still had the same issue (gwia2 unused and no mail flow).

We got mail flowing through the original gwia again, but we had to start it from the bin directory by issuing ./gwia @gwia.cfg. However, it will not start properly by using the rcgrpwise start command (it just shows gwia2.gate as unused).

So, how do we get everything back to normal? i.e. one gwia that starts by issuing the rcgrpwise start command


2. Create a secondary gwia (named gwia2) without screwing up the first one and have both start up?