Hello all,

I need to upgrade to ZCM 11.3, to do this I need to migrate from my single server 11.2.4(plus a bunch of patches) which is a 32bit OES box.

Part of the Zenworks Server Migration documentation has a prerequisite of "The source and the destination machine must have the same ZENworks version. Use the ZENworks 11.2.0 media to create Machine X and use the System Update media to update it." https://www.novell.com/documentation.../b171nvtl.html

What exactly do I install on the "new" server? Just the Agent? Full ZCM install? (Is this a secondary Server?)

I did download the ZCM 11.2.4 ISO, tried running it, but after authentication, it says that it is not the correct version, that my Primary reports at 11.2.4.... hmmmm.
Do I need to download the 11.2.0 ISO? What do I install?

There is also conflicting information about migrating the database. One section says, the tool will do it, another section says "If Machine A has an OEM Sybase database, then migrate the OEM Sybase database to Machine X, manually."

We are also suffering from performance issues in the console, would a seperate MS-SQL be a better choice?