SLES 11 Sp3, Zenworks 11.3 Windows 8.1 Update

We (and by we I mean they) rushed to get tablets and bought about 100 HP Elitepad 900 G1.

Operating system: Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Atom® Z2760 (1.5 GHz, up to 1.8 GHz using Intel Burst Technology and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, 1 MB cache, 2 cores)
Processor technology: Intel Hyper-Threading Technology is designed to improve performance of multi-threaded software products and requires a computer system with a processor supporting HT and an HT-enabled chipset, BIOS and OS. Please contact your software provider to determine compatibility. Not all customers or software applications will benefit from the use of HT. See for more information.
Chipset: Intel® Atom® Z2760
Processor Number Z2760
# of Cores 2
# of Threads 4
Clock Speed 1.8 GHz
L2 Cache 1 MB
Instruction Set 32-bit
Embedded Options Available
Lithography 32 nm

We installed Windows 8 Pro and 8.1 Pro and fully patched them as of today, but every time we install the agent (4 or 5 full installs) they bluscreen with a "Watchdog" error. We can't get back in to check the log files. All we can do is a system restore. All unnecessary software has been uninstalled (Netflix, Skype etc), no AV or Novell Client yet. We used "HP Softpaq Download Manager" to make sure all HP stuff was updated, but we haven't had any luck with the agent. I'll post the logs if we can get to them.

I'm afraid it's the Atom processor giving us fits when we actually ask it to do some work.

Any suggestions?