I put a secondary domain and po at a remote location - running 8.03 on Sles/Oes and moved all of the "local" users to that po.
while everything seems to run ok we have a weird time issue.
Mail into and out of the new mailboxes shows a three and a half hour time difference both in the date column in the groupwise client and in the printed header of the email.
The odd thing is that if I go to the properties of the email - the Creation date and the File date and time are both correct.
I can't see any time issues with the servers (primary or secondary) and especially something that would be 3:30 minutes off
there is a timezone difference between the pri and sec but that's just 1 hour.

Any thoughts?

As a workaround I have had my users add the creation column to see when they actually received the email as our clients have time critical projects.