Our electricity supplier need to upgrade the sub-station that supplies our office which meant servers etc needed to be shutdown as outage longer than UPS runtime.

We are running iprint on OES 11 - clients a mix of 32 and 64 Win 7 Professional running V5.92 of the iprint client.

On restart of servers and iPrint our Win7 workstations started crashing when trying to print - Explorer stopped working and iprint no longer in system tray. Crashed when trying to print a test page.

The only solution I have been able make work is uninstall iPrint client, delete the iprint folder from Windows\system32 > reboot and reinstall iPrint V5.92 > go to iPrint server url using Firefox elevated to run as Admin and reinstall printer and users can then print reliably.

Note if I try and add printer using IE running as Admin I am told that the iprint client is not installed and do I want to install it - I have the registry keys set up as detailed in TID 7005438 but still get the iPrint client not installed message.

It seems that the clients dont know about the print manager following the shutdown/restart - is there any other way to recreate the association other than uninstalling and reinstalling?

Anyone else encountered this problem?