Just a … remark. iPrint Appliance. Windows 7 box. When we try to print out from iPrint then we see some delay to accessing iPrint printer, meaning, when – for instance – in Word or Outlook 2010 we open a printing dialog and scroll between pages presented then using iPrint printer there is a notable delay in scrolling and some “accessing printer” etc. info appear in between. Using MS printserver driven printer … don’t see such a delay. Sure, can’t say which accessing speed is provided for iPrint comparing to MS nor on which hardware is installed, but … have anyone seen this kind of delay? One thing is sure, MS printing is build-up wo any identification, meaning any fool may print to any printer, iPrint (setup by me) is of course using identification and secure printing to not allow anyone to print.
There is also a delay printing start, comparing.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.