Poor speed with Novell server have cropped up again and again but now I need to sort ...

upgraded from SME Server (Linux based server) to OES11SP2
(SME uses SAMBA)

Tried various things using SAMBA currently
Sage 50 file test routine takes 20 mins - on SME it takes less than 1 minute
Opening a list of transactions takes 30-40 seconds - instant - blink of an eye on SME
Doing a VAT Return took a massive 45 minutes - on SME this takes 2-3 mins
Sorting a list of 2000 accounts 3-4 secs
Doing aged balances for 2000 customers takes 4-5mins - SME 55secs

I initially have tried Cifs - which is better about twice as long as SME to the aged balances i.e about 2.20mins
File test comes down to about 12 mins - still not 1 minute!
Sorting list of 2000 accounts is instant !!
NSS wasn't practical because it was faster but randomly slow down or freezing 3-5 seconds

(also tried Novell client - but that just gave very poor performance)

Sage 50 is file based database and the only software being used apart from Word & Excel files

Any ideas would be a great help.