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Thread: NOVEL Admins. I have something everyone wants;how to Share?

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    NOVEL Admins. I have something everyone wants;how to Share?

    Wish I could put a picture here. Everything I have ever seen question wise in these forums about imaging I have had solved long ago. I have just been so lazy in sharing my development because I really don't know where to start. I would love to share my bash code written with the entire community, but unfortunately there needs to be explanation with it as I knew nothing about Linux except how to install it going into this project. It has been years in making it better and better. Does anyone know who I can speak with or if there are conferences I can go to to demo this out. Basically I have a menu written unlike any other and it is automated where zen actually creates the SYSPREP file and inserts the name so it can be joined on setup. With this menu there are no need for restarts. The ZENWorks client is installed in the image. If deciding to create a new GUID you select that from my menu or have it done automatically. This can be better explained with a picture. It's very graphical. Also with this menu one image can go on any computer hardware. Got a new model? spend 5 minutes literally on drivers and never again for that model. Supported are XP, WIN7 32 bit, WIN7 64 bit, and yes WIN coming soon. As well my menu generates reports directly linked with any booted OS showing full stats on any image ever done on any machine. I literally cannot explained this without showing. Any ideas on how to get this to the main peeps. or show it in action?

    Basically this is not just code. There is a full blown menu as well the same can be used by imaging from the ZCC with a simple bundle. Basically its time to give back.
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