I hope this is the correct place to ask these questions, if not, forgive me. I finally got the hardware to install the my ZEN 11.3 server on Linux. My old ZEN server is on NetWare.

It has been a few years since I built a Linux server, one of the issues I had in the past was proper disk sizing. I remember some the decisions are permanent.

I need suggestions so I do not regret my decisions later.

Our environment is smaller. We have maybe 50 PCs at the main office and 125 PCs at 5 remote offices (each office has about 25 machines). Those remote offices will us satellite servers later after I get the main server up and runnubg.

We distribute basic Office, Flash and a few other Apps. But we do image all our PCs, so the images will eat up space.

We will be using the free built in database on the server.

The primary server has 900 gigs of space (4*300 GIG Drives).

Could someone please advise what would be proper sizes for the partitions.

Lastly, in the past I used EXT3 because it was considered more reliable, it that still the case?

thank you

Phil J.