After installing the 11.2.4 agent in our image we are having issues getting the agent to register correctly after restoring the image. We have the same practices in place as we did for when 11.1 was installed in the image. With 11.1 after image restore and reboot a script runs to set the initial-web-service file with the correct server name, cert and any required registration keys. After the newly imaged machine rebooted it automatically registered into the zone with correct key. This worked very well. Now with 11.2.4 we get a 50/50 chance of it registering or throwing an error. When you go back and check the initial-web-service file it has been renamed with .bak extension. In the server's services-messages log we can see error -29 corresponding to the newly imaged workstation. What does error -29 mean? For that matter is there a TID with all the known registration errors?