a little background info
Today I upgraded our first OES-Linux server from OES11 to OES11sp1.This
was the first OES-L server that we installed for our migration from
NetWare. Everything has been working fine and today I upgraded it so it
would be at the same patch level as the other servers before we moved to

The upgrade went fine until the final step
I was following the "Novell Doc: OES 11 SP1: Installation Guide -
Channel Upgrade from OES 11 to OES 11 SP1"

The final step says:
"After the reboot, log on to the server and run the yast2
channel-upgrade-oes command to complete the OES services
reconfiguration. This will prompt for eDirectory" password...

When I put in the eDirectory password it fails with a message that it
cannot contact the LDAP server on the NetWare server that used to be our
main LDAP server. That server has been gone for almost 2yrs.

I'm assuming there is a conf file I can change the address in and move
forward. I poked around and could not find a file that had the old LDAP
servers IP address in it. Does anyone know where this configuration file
would be?