Just some info about how my PC is setup... It is Windows 7 64 bit with all the patches, etc on it. My Office 2013 version is: 15.0.4179.1000 32 bit. Office was installed first and Outlook configured with multiple profiles and set to prompt on launch which profile to use - I use multiple Exchange accounts!

GroupWise 2014 (I know it's not the version that you are running!) was installed after Office 2013 on the PC.

The first time I launched Adobe Reader (or whatever it's official name is?) and clicked on the e-mail button to send by e-mail it prompted me to choose which profile to use. I selected my GroupWise profile. A GroupWise e-mail window launched and away I went.

Both GroupWise and Outlook run fine and don't interfere with each other. Perhaps it's the versions that I am on, but that I'm not sure of. I am no Microsoft guru! Perhaps I am just exceptionally lucky!

Just my 2 cents worth