I try to synchronize my new GW2014 test system (2-node-cluster) with the
local eDir.

But which certificate file do I have to upload from the oes11 server into
the Groupwise system? I already tried eDirCACert.pem, servercert.pem and
servercert.pem, the CA certificate from iManager, but all the time I
receive an error during synchronization:

01:00:56 599E Synchronizing Directory OES11-Testcluster
01:00:56 599E Connecting to LDAP server at for Directory
01:00:56 599E LDAP Error connecting to LDAP server at address, port 636: 00000051
01:00:56 599E Synchronization complete for Directory OES11-Testcluster

What's this error 51 standing for?

Connectivity test from within the LDAP sync config dialog is ok all the

Thanks in advance!